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We provide & offer premium service

We provide & offer premium service

Our area of practice is quite wide: toy production, custom-made toys for every age, toy brand promotion, playrooms design with equipment, and of course kids camps and events!

Contact us today and get a free consultation on any product we offer. Join our community for updates.

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  • Coffret OR pour les 6-12 ans

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  • Coffret ROUGE pour les 3-6 ans

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  • Coffret VERT spécial cahier de coloriage

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  • Où es-tu Papi?

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  • Cahier de coloriage – Fais de beaux rêves Kimi

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  • La Biblioviolette

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  • Georges et la petite fée kréyol

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  • Fais de beaux rêves Kimi

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Shop Juno Toys & Games

Popular in Store

I was surprised at how attentive your sales managers are to each little customer and how parents can relax and have fun shopping. Great job on product selection and customer support!

Also, the online service is just as good as at the actual store, and therefore, I will recommend you to all my friends.

What a wonderful place for the entire family you got! It’s a huge deal for my children to visit one of your stores, and every time they get more and more excited about all the toys you offer.

The quality of products and the service are just great. I appreciate your individual creative approach to clients.

Thank you for the amazing and wonderful job you do for kids and parents. I can rely on your consultants when it comes to useful product search, such as educational games and toys.

Also, the online store is just as awesome as the actual one, where you can book a next-day delivery with no problem!

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Check our featured photoshoots

We perform baby and toddler photoshoots on special occasions, events and/or with our toys upon parents’ requests.

Follow us on social media for more beautiful photo projects with children and stay ahead of the trending news from the world of toys!   

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