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We help organize events for kids

Fun, educational activities for every occasion with premium toys and snacks. Learn more about our services!

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  • NEW : La Magie de la chimie

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  • NEW : La Soupe à la vanille

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  • Georges et la petite fée kréyol

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  • Fais de beaux rêves Kimi

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  • La Fille au papillon rouge

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  • Où es-tu Papi?

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  • La Biblioviolette

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  • Carte Cadeau AYO

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What They Say

Thank you for the amazing and wonderful job you do for kids and parents. I can rely on your consultants when it comes to useful product search, such as educational games and toys.

Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee

What a wonderful place for the entire family you got! It’s a huge deal for my children to visit one of your stores, and every time they get more and more excited about all the toys you offer.

Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore

I was surprised at how attentive your sales managers are to each little customer and how parents can relax and have fun shopping. Great job on product selection and customer support!

Steven McFly

Steven McFly

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